Monday, October 12, 2009

Destruction - Inventor of Evil

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Thrash metal legends Destruction from time-to-time come up with some pretty wicked album covers. Some are just plain weird, i.e. Cracked Brain and even their classic Release From Agony. Their kinda-sorta mascot is The Mad Butcher, who debuted on the cover of the band's EP of the same name.

Inventor of Evil, Destruction's return to form album from 2005, resurrected not only main man Schmeir's presence in the scene, but also his Mad Butcher playmate. This cover, though not as mischievously devious in the old EC Comics' style as the Mad Butcher EP cover, is more ripe with the sanguinary times of today.

This one heralds a splatter-lovin' level of sadism ala the Hostel flicks, which delivers more of a shock than before. Personally, I prefer the original Mad Butcher artwork, but this one's more appropriate in conveying the bloody antics of the eager cleaver beaver, who this time carries out what's largely suggested by the original source material.



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