Monday, November 24, 2008

Unsane - Visqueen

I suppose in a day and age were CSI and its many offshoots and imitators are all the rage in popular television people have become desensitized to violent depictions of cadavers, but let's face the facts, Unsane's cover for Visqueen is disturbing.

At face value, the abandoned corpse, which the viewer is left to decide if the victim was shot, slit or bashed, carries an innate shock value. Of course, the subtle message here is that Unsane (a tremendous live act) are stating that the appreciation of human life has dwindled to the point a killer leaves the victim in an open field without remorse, much less an effort to properly bury the remains. In turn, the visual presentation states that we, as a society, have grown less appreciative of life to the point Unsane can slap a gruesome painting on their album and most people will hardly blink.

Sad, but subtly brilliant...



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