Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spiral Architect, A Sceptic’s Universe

Every time I think about Spiral Architect—the band, not the Black Sabbath song that inspired its name—I get angry.

When I first heard the technically impressive A Sceptic’s Universe CD (2000), I felt like a long-suffering prospector who had finally found a gleaming nugget. The Norwegian progressive metal group melded styles that appealed to me, sounding like the result of an Amulet Dream Band cocktail:

Three parts Sean Malone (Gordian Knot)
Two parts Fates Warning
One part Rush
One half-part Dream Theater
Two parts philosophical skepticism

Blend thoroughly. Serve cold.

The mix doesn’t come out quite as perfectly tasty as that recipe implies, but it’s still a damn good drink.

I’m pissed off because the group never followed up on this promising debut. What we’re left with is: (1) impressive, bass-centered technical prog metal that stands the test of time; and (2) a cover intriguing enough to have sucked me into buying this diamond in the rough.


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