Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boris Grebenshikov, Radio Silence

Once in a while a new musical artist draws your attention simply because someone tells you he sounds like another one you like.

The first instance of this I can remember was in 1989, when I heard or read that Russian singer/songwriter Boris Grebenshikov echoed Peter Gabriel, who had emerged as one of my favorites. So I bought this album, which was produced by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame and which gave Grebenshikov his first big Western opportunity.

He failed to do much with it; the album sold poorly and despite positive reviews, is largely forgotten now. The cover, however, has two features that caught my attention then and have stuck with me.

First, I hadn’t seen much Cyrillic script then, so the artist’s initials in Russian at the upper right fascinated me.

Second, look closely at the rendering of Grebenshikov’s eyes. Diamonds may be forever, but are they really appropriate for your pupils?


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