Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Living Colour - Stain

Anyone else out there miss these guys?

Let's rid ourselves of the obvious anecdotes about Living Colour being one of the first hard rock/metal acts to bridge the race barrier; Bad Brains and Fishbone were already on track ahead of them and doing things differently. Living Colour was simply a very talented group with a knockout guitarist and a soulful crooner. Hell, the entire rhythm section of Living Colour was on-point, particularly on their brilliant debut album Vivid and for the most part on their second slab Time's Up.

Stain was the group's third album--and its angriest. Heavy and even more pissed off as a whole album than "Type" or "Which Way to America?" previously, Stain's sound is one aspect to its brute ugliness. Compare the vivacious art deco-meets-tribal-meets urban splatter effects of Living Colour's first two albums to Stain's blunt message of continued slavery and mind control. Living Colour was indeed a band with a point and a purpose, and it's not too difficult to see and feel the implosion effect of Stain that would lead to Living Colour's extensive break-up before reforming a few years back. This is some heavy, heavy shit all around...



Blogger Metal Mark said...

The cover is kind of ordinary. I heard their first two releases, but it's been forever since I last heard them. Never heard this one though.

September 18, 2008 at 5:51 AM  

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